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17 Canadian Pop Artists Of The 90’s and Early 2000’s You Forgot Existed

Does the name The Moffatts ring a bell? What about B4-4? Soul Decision? Check out 17 artists below that you likely forgot even existed in the 90’s and early 2000’s. 

A three-piece boyband with their biggest song being the suggestive “Get Down”. The band went their seperate ways, but not before twin brothers Ryan and Dan Kowarsky formed RyanDan and released an album before disappearing.

The Moffatts
Brothers The Moffatts created quite the girl craze around them. First a country act, the brothers then broke into pop-rock with hits like “Miss You Like Crazy”, and “Bang Bang Boom”. The brothers “broke up” (as much as you can break up a band that is family), and all went their separate musical ways.

Sugar Jones
Sugar Jones was an all-female quintet that became famous after winning spots in the group from Popstars, the 2001 Canadian reality show that followed the making of the group. It consisted of five members chosen from thousands of people who auditioned for the group. They earned a smash hit in Canada with “Days Like That” and were soon forgotten after the show ended.

Velvet Empire
Much like Sugar Jones, Velvet Empire was formed on the reality show Popstars, in the season following the formation of Sugar Jones. They only were able to release one unsuccessful album, “Frontin’ On Me”, before disappearing.

The pop duo was made up of two members from the Philosopher Kings. They were cartoons and if you happened to “see” them in concert you may remember getting to see nothing more than an on-screen performance from the cartoon characters. Their biggest song releases was “Sucks To Be You”.

Ricky J
Really only known for his song “No Means No”, Ricky J’s popularity came and went faster than his song lyrics where he sung about being able to “do it for a minute”.

A pop trio that had quite a bit of success with their first album and hits such as “Faded” “Ooh It’s Kinda Crazy” and “Gravity”. Their second album only sold 10,000 copies. Since then, one of the members, Trevor Guthrie has started to try to make a solo comeback.

McMaster & James
The duo had one hit “Thank You” back in the year 2000. The last sighting was when Rob James tried out on Canadian Idol.

His hit song “Money Pt. 1” earned him a couple Juno nominations. Since he has’t released anything notable, just a couple guest appearances on tracks by Nelly Furtado and Esthero.

Brother-sister duo Marc and Sharon Costanzo had a brief flirt with fame when their song “Steal My Sunshine” blew up. Len was never able to repeat the success of “Steal My Sunshine“, but continued to put out albums until 2003, before taking a hiatus.

The Duo composed of Dave Thomson and Paul Gigliotti had hits like “California” and “Think It Over” before breaking up. They apparently still both make music. Paul Gilligoti continues to make music as a solo artist. Dave Thomson now lives in Nashville and is now a songwriter. Their debut album was titled “Nothing As It Seems“.

Love Inc.
Their eurodance music hits included “Broken Bones” and “You’re A Superstar”. The group’s debut album remains the only dance album created domestically in Canada to achieve platinum certification.

Lillix is still together, with new members. Past members include Louise Burns and Britt Black. Their most popular track was “It’s About Time”. The band was originally formed under the name Tigerlily in 1997 when the early members were in high school. Their debut album was titled “Falling Uphill“.

Boomtang Boys
Boomtang Boys had a few small dance hits, most notably “Squeeze Toy” and collaborated with Kim Esty. In addition to their own recordings they are known for several remixes, for artists such as Bif Naked and Econoline Crush. The trio is still active in the music industry and is involved in a number of production and remix projects.

Another pop dup that brought you the hits “Love Song” and “Some Kinda Wonderful”. They won a Juno Award for “Best New Group” before splitting up but still releasing new music with new members. The duo originally consisted of James Renald and Antoine Sicotte. Both were songwriters, producers and multi-instrumentalists.

Remy Shand
The soul singer had a number one album “The Way I Feel” and won a Juno Award for the song “Take A Message”, a track that we remember playing on repeat. After the success of the one album, he never released another.

Snow was like Canada’s Vanilla Ice. His track “Informer” became popular fast and later reclaimed some popularity with “Everybody Wants To Be Like You”, but soon faded away. He is best known for”Informer“, which reached No. 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100.


How many of them did you absolutely love back then? What others should we have mentioned?


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