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About Us

Ever wonder how popYOUlarity first started? How it became what it is today? Find out all the information you will ever need to know, or ever want to know.


Who brings popYOUlarity to all you readers? Who works day and night to give you what you want? Find out by checking out who is busy at work, to please you!


Have something on your mind that you want to share? Something you love, or hate, about the site? Want to make a suggestion for future content? Find out where to send everything you could possibly imagine!


Want to keep up to date on everything popYOUlarity? Want to get first dibs on submitting questions for your favorite rockstars? Keep up to date on the latest contests? Whatever your reason, check this out and JOIN!


Who has shown popYOUlarity the love? Check out what others have had to say about Canada’s fastest rising online music magazine,


Interested in advertising on popYOUlarity? You’ll find all the information you need here. [Coming Soon]

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