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“Are We Cool Now?”


Are We Cool Now? is an indie rock road trip that was inspired by and features the songs of Dan Mangan, the Vancouver-based two time JUNO Award winning Canadian musician.

If you have spent any time on this planet feeling hopelessly lost or filled with complete wanderlust,  Are We Cool Now? will surely have you questioning your life and existence while filling you with a desire to find out more about the world around you and those in it. The theatrical road trip was filled with plenty of humorous commentary, but it was not just a full out party. Within the humour there is some seriously insightful content that pulls on your heart strings, especially for those of us who have lost someone dear to a horrible disease such as Cancer.

Penelope Corrin and Ben Elliot both had an amazing stage presence and one could feel their chemistry on stage as they experienced falling in love while facing the realities of growing up. This new innovative rock music/theatre fusion was interesting to see each part of the storyline interwoven between their take and performance of each song. And, Elliot and Corrin’s voices wonderfully blended with Mangan’s two-part harmonies. The a cappella reprise of Daffodil was definitely an emotional high point of the evening.

It’s amazing when a performance can leave you with such an intense feeling of questioning what more you could be getting out of life, and which relationships are the most important to you. It felt like we were given more information on Elliot’s character than the little we knew about Corrin’s, but the mystery of Corrin’s character increased the reality of the portrayal of what someone with wanderlust really feels like.

Are We Cool Now? pulled on all the right hear-strings, gave a good laugh and left us inspired.


Are We Cool Now? runs until October 10 at the Cultch’s Historic Theatre in East Vancouver.


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