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Nickelback Coast To Coast With WestJet, Vancouver stop By Summer 2004, Nickelback had been touring around the globe for five years, and were currently supporting “The Long Road,” which at that point had sold over 5 million copies. Deciding to take some well deserved time off didn’t last long, as two weeks into their vacation, they all felt the need to continue for “All The Right Reasons.” On October 13th, 2 ...

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In Their Own Sweet Way

The biography on Diana Krall’s website talks about “unspoken rules in the jazz world.” What are these rules? Notions that “acoustic-oriented jazz musicians” are not intended to make record-breaking sales, sell out countless large concert halls across the world, and spew out chart-topping hit after hit with revivals of old standards. However, female jazz vocalists, such as Krall, have broken these rules with ...

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Duran Duran

Press Conference After 20 years of not playing together, the original fab-five reunite to give their fans more of what made them one of the most influential bands in the ‘80s. New hits such as “(Reach Up For The) Sunrise” definitely have the potential to enable the craze to happen all over again. Still all about yachts, girls in bikini's and high priced aged liquor, Duran Duran pull in for a break to have a ...

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