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Jasper Sloan Yip

Vancouver singer/songwriter Jasper Sloan Yip has spent the last five years cutting his teeth on stages all across Canada and with the release of his 2nd album Foxtrot on July 16th, he’s set to start the cycle all over again. As the release of “Foxtrot” gets closer, is the wait frustrating? Are there nerves involved? The wait has been frustrating at times, waiting often is, but it isn’t any longer. Once it’s ...

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Alana Lee

popYOUlarity: Your debut video “Butterflies” has received over 10 million hits on YouTube. Did you expect such a response? What does it feel like? Alana Lee: I didn’t expect “Butterflies” to be so popular. It is amazing that so many people have viewed my music video and love it so much. I feel so lucky and I am so grateful for all the support of my family, friends and fans. popYOUlarity: Is there a song on ...

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