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Birthday Boys

popYOUlarity: When do you feel you are in your most creative state and has it changed over time? Graeme Kennedy:I think my most creative state is when it is quiet. Either at home I have to lock myself in a room, or I have found that the tour bus is a good spot when everyone shuts up for a couple minutes. How has that changed over time? I don’t know. I think I have always been most productive when I am by my ...

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All The Right Moves

popYOUlarity: What would you say is the most valuable lesson you learnt during the creation of the EP “The Monster I’ve Become”? All The Right Moves: We learned to take every bit of passion that you have about a particular topic that you are writing about, and absolutely fuel every ounce of it into your lyrics, and into the music. People want to feel that connection with your music, they want to experience ...

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Dane Michael Glynn

popYOUlarity: How do you feel your experience on stage will help you with your music? Dane Michael Glynn: Being on stage for so many years has really helped me gain good control and focus over my voice and how I use it when performing in front of large crowds. Sometimes, when I would get nervous, I would lose control over my voice. However, I feel that I have overcome that by working and performing more and ...

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Nicole Berke

popYOUlarity: Out of everyone you worked on the “Frondescence ” EP with, who taught you the most valuable lesson and what was it? Nicole Berke: I would have to say that the musicians that I played with, Jesse (the bassist) and Rory (the drummer), taught me a lot during the process of the recording. They are phenomenal musicians, and I realized that songs can transform a great deal when they are brought into ...

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popYOUlarity: Out of everyone you worked on the “Cannonballs, Cannonballs” album with, who taught you the most valuable lesson and what was it? Mat Klachefsky: To tell you the truth, we recorded the album over a year ago and I don’t really remember a lot about the actual recording. I remember the following details: 1. The studio was very hot and most of the parts were played in our underwear. 2. There was a ...

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Introducing McCann Lane

This is a new teen pop/rock band called McCann Lane. The band members are musicians/singers/songwriters who are currently working on many original songs, including "Ditto" and "Be My." The band includes Matthew Drinkwater and John Drinkwater, identical twin 13 year olds and Michael Fiore, 13 also. Matthew and John have been friends with Michael since they were toddlers. Be My (Video) It's Over (Video) Ditto ...

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The Balconies

A lot of things can happen in university. You can walk away with a degree, a career path, and a place to start. Or sometimes you leave university with a killer rock and roll band... popYOUlarity chats with The Balconies, who did just that. ...

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