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Jasper Sloan Yip

Vancouver singer/songwriter Jasper Sloan Yip has spent the last five years cutting his teeth on stages all across Canada and with the release of his 2nd album Foxtrot on July 16th, he’s set to start the cycle all over again. As the release of “Foxtrot” gets closer, is the wait frustrating? Are there nerves involved? The wait has been frustrating at times, waiting often is, but it isn’t any longer. Once it’s ...

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Cassandra Michaels

As a young child it was clear that Cassandra had an exceptional talent for music. At age eight she started teaching herself the piano solely by ear. As she started playing more and more her curiosity and love of music grew and by age 12 Cassandra was writing and composing her own music. A true artist, Cassandra has developed her musicality, style, and writing in a way that showcases herself and all of her t ...

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Asher Monroe

What’s been among the coolest moments so far throughout this whole journey? Growing as an artist, seeing my songs come to life, and witnessing the reaction my fans have to them is priceless. What can you tell us about your forthcoming album? What can fans expect? My album has a mixture of pop, r&b, soul, a little dance, some ballads, etc. Expect big choruses, love songs, a feel good vibe. There's always ...

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Ludovico Einaudi

I notice that there’s a special theme in the album, which is time and life. What inspired that theme? I think that it’s a personal reflection I wanted to have about the fact that I have a feeling that life is everywhere, getting so fast, that I think we tend to forget about taking the time to observe, to experience what is going on in depth around us; that we forget we can take our time to experience life i ...

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What has the tour with Swollen Members been like? It has been amazing. It is always a big learning experience. I feel like I get better every tour I do with them and you’re amongst family, so it has been great. What are the biggest lessons you learned this time around? I’m always trying to reform my performance. But on top of that, just being exposed to the business and the drive that it takes to succeed is ...

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Jaida Dreyer

popYOUlarity: The album includes 10 original songs written or co-written by yourself. How important was it to you to have such a large writing contribution to your album? Is it important to you that fans realize you write too? Jaida:  I moved to town to write songs and the fact that I'm a songwriter is something I really take pride in. I've lived a lot of life and in turn, that's given me a lot to write abo ...

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Look out for the Ride Away EP coming April 9th for free download through the band's official Facebook page! For more information on Canto, be sure to check out their official site, ...

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“… A wrestler or author or butcher or baker or candlestick maker…” Before Fozzy’s performance at the MOD Club in Toronto I had the pleasure of sitting down out of the cold with Chris Jericho and had a little one on one talk about Fozzy’s tour and more. popYOUlarity: With being on the road a lot, with wrestling and now with the band; is there any specific music or playlist you listen to in order to relax? Ch ...

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Serena Ryder

When you look back on the recording process for Harmony, what immediate thoughts come to mind? Fun. A lot of play. Comfortable. It felt really natural. Exciting. Was there anything about the process this time around that you would want to change next time? No, I wouldn’t want to change a thing. How do you feel you have changed artistically throughout the creation process? I feel like I learned even more so ...

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