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Kids Without Instruments

popYOUlarity: How did you find the creative process? What did you find most difficult about it? Frankie: Usually the hardest part we've come across is finding out when a song is finished. We have a lot of unfinished demos and we are never really sure when a song is finally done. I'm always nit-picking new tones and noises I wanna use, but there's only so much one can do before the original song I once had i ...

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Tanay Jackson

Coming from such a musical family, what challenges do you feel that presents? I think it has actually helped my creative mind. I am very creative. Anything that has to do with entertainment I was always drawn to. I feel like maybe from my Dad I got my sense of creativity. You recently released the music video for “Honey”. When can we expect to see an album or any additional material? I just finished recordi ...

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Colette Carr You have been hard at work on Schizo, due out later this year, what can you tell us about it? Colette Carr: It’s Going to be a lot of fun, it’s going to be a little nugget of my brain cell. I have put in a lot of heart and hard work in to it traveling and working with a lot of amazing producers. We are just in the lab right now pushing out ideas and putting them in the oven. We are just re ...

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During Vans Warped tour in Toronto on July 15, I had the greatest of honors to interview Pat Thetic from Anti-Flag. I learned a lot about the band, what they stand for, things that go on during shows and what are going through their heads. me about your band and some background Pat: I play in a band called Anti-Flag, my name is Pat Thetic and our band is from Pittsburg Pennsylva ...

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