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Charlie Storwick


Charlie, a 16-year-old singer / songwriter and winner of YTV’s The Next Star, recently released her new single “Ghosts”. She is best known for her role as Piper in the YTV and Netflix original sitcom Some Assembly Required, the rising pop sensation has released three original songs and starred in two music videos that garnered more than one million views.

You just released the music video for “Ghosts”. How do you feel the response has been to it?I’m absolutely thrilled for the release of the music video. The support and feedback has been overwhelming and the response has been really positive. I’m really grateful that my fans are exploring new boundaries with me.

What artistic growth do you feel you have experienced throughout the creation process of ‘Ghosts‘ and your upcoming EP?
Ghosts’ was a big step for me as an artist. It gave me the opportunity to showcase my songwriting, as well as express myself in a really personal way. I’ve been acting for the past few years and although music has always been there it was nice to get into the studio and develop my music more as it’s such a big part of my life. The EP is definitely all about my personal and artistic growth. I am learning and growing up and I get to document that growth through my music.

It’s addicting, the chords, the lyrics and all the different directions you can go. I’m in love with it. It’s my lifeline.

In your opinion, what makes a good song?
A good song to me is one that makes me feel something. Emotion plays a huge role in connecting to an audience and a lot of the songs I write are emotional because it’s what I know. I think a song that’s relatable and moves you in a certain way is to me a phenomenal song.

What can you always guarantee to your fans, no matter what?
I guarantee that no matter where this road takes me, I will bring my fans with me. On this journey I have never been alone, it started with my family and friends and now with The Next Star and Some Assembly Required I’ve had this base of people supporting me along the way. They mean the world, and I plan to take all of them with me as they are a part of my growth and I hope they will stick with me so we can grow together.

Who was the last person to really inspire you?
Amy Winehouse has been an inspiration to me recently. Her retro-sound, her feistiness, her raspy voice and her uniqueness inspire me. She was really one of a kind. She sung and wrote from her soul, and you can hear that in every record she put out.

What has been your biggest challenge as an artist? How did you overcome that challenge?
For me, the biggest challenge I’ve had to face so far is finding my sound. Honestly, I’m still in the midst of discovering it and shaping who I am as an artist, but I’m loving every step of it along the way!

What expectations do you have for yourself when you’re creating music?
My main expectation for my music, is that it’s written with honesty and rawness. I like my music to tell a story, whether it’s a personal story, or about someone else. I want to connect with people; I think that’s what being a performer is all about.

Can you describe your attraction to music?
It’s addicting, the chords, the lyrics and all the different directions you can go. I’m in love with it. It’s my lifeline.

What are you trying to open people’s minds up to with your music?
I want to really radiate confidence and fierceness through my music. I want to open people’s minds to the fact that being unique and a weirdo is a gift. Creativity has no limits, so I want to explore how far I can go and how creative I can be. I want to inspire others to feed their passions and fight for what they want, I’m living my dream right now so anything is possible.

At this point, what do you value most about this experience in music?
I value creative growth more than anything. You can’t grow if you don’t make mistakes and learn from them. I love seeing where I started, where I am now, and where the future will take me. Most importantly though, I value the impact and joy that my music brings to people. I love having the opportunity to share this journey with others. This road can’t be travelled alone; it wouldn’t be worth anything if it was.

Do you feel that making music is magical?
Absolutely, that’s the perfect word for it. There is no other feeling that comes close to the way I feel when I’m making or performing my music, it’s magic.

What are your goals for the rest of 2015?
My main goal is to finish and release my EP, I’m really hyped on the project. I’d also love to make another music video, and really want to start amping up my YouTube channel with covers and content. I’m also working on the third season of Some Assembly Required, so once that’s wrapped I am looking forward to getting back into the studio.

Do you have any final thoughts? Anything you would like to say to the readers of popYOUlarity?
I just want to say a massive thank you to all the loyal fans that have trekked with me so far. You mean the world to me, and I wouldn’t be where I am without your never-ending love and support. I promise to always take you all with me on this journey, and create rad music to share with you. This is only the beginning. xo

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