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Ciara – Self- Titled



Ciara’s fifth album Ciara may have found this 27 year-old her shining moment. The last year found Ciara trying to recreate the magic of “Goodies” from years ago. She finally found that magic.

“I’m Out” featuring Nicki Minaj is a ladies’ anthem that has huge hit potential, is as radio friendly as Ciara gets and starts the feel good theme of the album. The seductive lead single “Body part” is reminiscent of 90’s R&B with its sultry grooves. “Super Turnt Up” showcases Ciara’s first attempt at rapping on a record as well as self-producing the southern hip-hop influenced record. “Overdose” is a straightforward pop track and one of the most striking tracks on the record with the addition of a scraping EDM beat. “D.U.I.” is definitely one of those ballads you play when you’re thinking about being in love.

This is a really great record filled with many ferocious pop moments that make it perhaps her best ever.
Ciara is definitely a fun album for the summer.

+ Diana Gebert

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