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Dean Brody – Crop Circles



Canadian Country singer, Dean Brody, is at it again with his fourth studio album Crop Circles. Brody has won numerous awards, and his songs from previous albums are heard constantly on Canadian radios. The easy listening songs on Crop Circles makes the listener want to sing along, and even get up to dance.

Sand in my soul is a bit of a different sound for the country singer, but fits him perfectly. Not only does it make the listener want to be on the beach with Brody, but also the easy going lyrics and instruments makes the song a perfect summer hit. Crop Circles, same song title as the album, are probably one of my favourite songs on the album. It tells the story of a farmer, Crazy Johnson, who thinks that aliens have touched down in his town and wants to protect everyone. It’s an enjoyable song, that tells an urban legend that everyone knows.

Crop Circles is a fun album, with honest lyrics and fun songs. The album gives listeners the opportunity to get to know Brody through his lyrics, and it’s quite obvious that he loves what he does and isn’t in any hurry to slow down.

Canadian girls, one of Brody’s better-known songs from his third studio album Dirt, is an anthem for Canadian women and an ode to the women Brody lived around while growing up. The honesty that this singer-songwriter puts into his songs is what makes them enjoyable, especially for Canadians. He’s easy to listen to, and isn’t that bad to look at either.

Brody has won numerous awards, ranging from Male Artist of the Year two years in a row and has been named #1 Most Played Canadian Country Artist on the radio.

Brody is currently on tour for his new album, Crop Circles, and if anyone is interested in seeing him go to to check his tour dates and to buy tickets.

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