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Edgefest 2013


Mother Mother


Toronto, Ontario

102.1 The Edge had yet another successful Edgefest. This year’s Edgefest setlist consisted of bands such as July Talk, Monster Truck, Mother Mother, The Lumineers, Imaginary Cities and many more.

From a media perspective things were very organized which made it easy for me to locate everything. From a fans point of view everything was organized as well. Nothing was too crammed there was lots of space that you could just sit and listen to the music if you didn’t want to be up-close to the stage. There were vendors of many varieties there; I was not surprised to see The Blue Donkey food truck there again, there was also Smoke’s Poutinerie, Harvey’s and other delicious food. There was a Jager tent, Monster tent and there was free Dr. Pepper given out at the Dr. Pepper truck.

The bands that really stuck out for me were, July Talk and Monster Truck. I cannot begin to describe on how taken back I was by July Talk’s performance, stage performance and the music itself. July Talk is a Canadian Indie Rock band formed last year in Toronto. I have to say Peter and Leah really make a great pair up on stage; they performed some of their well-known songs such as, Guns and Ammunition and Paper Girl. When I decided to join the crowd, as a fan the atmosphere was impeccable. A Wedding Gown crowd surfed and Leah made fans take their sunglasses off so she can “See your pretty eyes” due to the lack of sun at the time. Even after their performance they continued to amaze me when Leah signed and let a fan keep the Wedding Dress they had during their performance, I found it so touching and just to see the fans expression when they were with her was priceless.

Monster Truck … what can I say; they really stole the show in my opinion. Monster Truck is a Canadian rock band from Hamilton, Ontario. I have to say they make me proud to be a Canadian. The crowd was excited even before they came onstage, and got more pumped-up when the band did finally come out after all the suspense. Monster Truck has the look and sound of a Rock band and their stage performance was phenomenal, every song was a toe tapper and of course they ended their performance with one of their most popular songs Righteous Smoke. I am glad that Monster Truck was but on the bill this year because they really made my night and many others as well.

The night went well; besides the few showers we had during the event. Overall the music was fantastic and the food was delicious. Edgefest was an overall success, and I am glad that I was able to attend and join the excitement that followed the festival.

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