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Edgefest: Through The Eyes Of A Noob


Mother Mother – One of the two keyboardists looses herself in the music during their set on the Main Stage.


Edgefest- Toronto, Ontario

I was recently introduced to the atmosphere of concerts, and seeing bands live. Needless to say: I’m hooked.

I’ve reviewed all but one concert I’ve been to, and the 2013 Edgefest is no different. As I mentioned before, I’m new to the concerts and music festivals. Edgefest was the first music concert I’ve ever been to, and it will not be my last.
Seeing so many bands in a single day was mind boggling, and something I wish would happen every week!

The day started off slow, none of the bands came on until later in the morning. But, the booths were alive with food cooking, cat calling, and prepping for what was a busy day.

Not only were things for sale (from record labels and small businesses alike), but also people were walking around giving out free merchandise like it was going out of style. I spoke to a number of people who brought large backpacks that were empty when they got there, just for all of the free stuff they knew they would receive.

The incredible bands came from all over to play, and were greeted by eager fans that wanted to hear what they had to offer.

The Side Stage and the Main Stage were on opposite sides of the field, with large open areas for people to sit or stand and listen. Monster Truck, who went on later in the day on the main stage, even signed autographs in the Jagermeister Side Stage tent for a large line up of fans.

Along with Monster Truck, bands such as Mother Mother, The Neighborhood, The Lumineers, and Band of Horses to name a few, graced the Main Stage. It was a fight to get close to either of the stages when bands were playing, but the bumps and bruises were worth it to be close.

Bands such as The Treble, Lucius, The Treasures, and more had sets on the Side Stage. Watching the bands perform at the side stage was probably, for me, the best part of the day. It seemed like I was sitting at a smaller venue, with more of a personal feel than the Main Stage.

But, the experience was amazing. Being elbow to elbow with fellow fans just as eager as I was to see the bands gave me a natural high that can’t be explained, unless you were there.

Edgefest 2013 was my first music festival, but it will not be my last.

+ Robynne Henry

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