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Evanescence: To dissipate or disappear like vapor. Fronted by a girl, Evanescence are out to break through all the boundaries that have been set by previous bands. And, they will. With their Wind-Up records/Sony debut just around the corner, you’ll definitely be hearing more of what you will want to hear: Evanescence. Mark your calendars for April 1,2003 and pick up your copy of “Fallen.” If you’re looking for a sneak peak of this epic, dramatic, dark rock, check out their two tracks on the DareDevil Soundtrack.

popYOUlarity: Give me a history of the band to get people reading this a little more familiar with your background.
Amy:Ben Moody plays lead guitar. He and I have been writing music together for a bout 6 years. Rocky and John are from much heavier metal bands. We stole them away to make our own band. Ben and I met at camp one summer in Jr. High, when I was in the sixth grade. We’ve been writing music together ever since.

popYOUlarity:The one thing a lot of people have pointed out so far about you is your voice. What is it like to be put in the position with all the compliments?
Amy:I don’t feel completely comfortable. How do you….if you agree, you’re vain. If you disagree, you’re not supporting your own music.

popYOUlarity:When will your Bring Me To Life video debut?
Amy:It is almost finished and is in production right now. We filmed it in Romania actually in January. It should be done this month for sure.

popYOUlarity:Being on the Daredevil soundtrack must have been huge for you, especially since a nice chunk of each song was actually in the movie itself.
Amy:It was an incredible feeling sitting in the theatre. It was really hard not to cry. One of the scenes that they used was a funeral scene. That’s one of our oldest songs. It was written when we were in high school, early high school. It was mind blowing. I think it goes perfectly with the movie. We are just very flattered to be a part of a movie.

popYOUlarity:In Whisper, there is a Latin chant. What are they saying in Latin?
Amy:We had a choir come in and I actually wrote a directed the choir. I love choir, I’m a choir nerd. I’ve been writing choir for a while actually. It is Latin for “save us from evil” and then “save us from Danger.” I think those are the right order.

popYOUlarity:Do you think music nowadays is a little lost and is there too much pressure from everyone looking for some sort of savior?
Amy:Absolutely not. I don’t think there is enough. I think that music of today has lost a lot of meaning. I think it’s become, it seems to me either pre-packaged, teen angst, you know which is really fake and in genuine .It seems to be what people think will sell. I don’t believe in making music just to sell music. I think a true artist would make a piece of art only to connect with people.

popYOUlarity:So you think that there is a mega difference between those who are only in it for the money, and those who are in it for their passion for music?
Amy:Do I think that there is a difference? Definitely. If you pay attention its pretty clear whose who and what’s going on. Not to be down on anybody, but I ready for music to have some meaning again.

popYOUlarity:Do you think it’s kind of difficult to be heard without being painted into a corner now, with the abundance of heavy bands in the mainstream?
Amy:No I don’t feel a lot of pressure that way because I think our music is very different from than anything right now. Simply because we pull from all different kinds of genres. I don’t think we fit into a genre. Hopefully people won’t put us in genres we don’t belong in. Sometimes they do, and that’s okay, but I think if you listen to the whole album, then you can see that it’s not like anything else.

popYOUlarity:Not many bands today are fronted by a girl. Do you think that it makes the band get looked down upon, or do you think that it’s seen as a good thing?
Amy:Of course I think that it is a good thing! Many people do view it as a negative. That’s mostly not bands or people that are music buyers. It’s mostly people who are in charge of putting music on the radio or in charge of what sells. It’s people who act like they know all about music, but they actually don’t know anything. I think the main point is that we write music to please ourselves, it sounds good to us. If we didn’t like and weren’t our favourite band, we’d change until we were. At first we did face a lot of prejudice, for me being a female and that our music was rock. This isn’t really rock, it’s tame. When it’s not, it’s not any tamer than a lot of things. Mainly it’s the fact that I’m a female, and on top of that we use pianos and strings. I think it’s good that I’m a girl because hopefully that will open the gate for many other female artists to come through, which there aren’t enough of right now.

popYOUlarity:Is determination the key?
Amy:Determination and remembering that it is all about the passion for the music. It shouldn’t be about business, technical stuff, or rules. It should just be about love for the music. We are music lovers. I love my job. I love music more than anything on earth. If we can always keep in mind and remember that’s what it should be about.

popYOUlarity:If a fan were to spend a day with you, can you describe the person they would get to know?
Amy:Personality wise, we’re all different. I am a nature, animal, children lover, very sensitive and passionate. My best friend recently told me that I was the most passionate person she’s ever known. I don’t know if that was a compliment or an insult, honestly (laughs).

popYOUlarity:Do you have any fears of what success will do to you?
Amy:No, because I’m really going to make a point of not getting sucked up into all this. In the end this doesn’t mean anything. This is nothing in the big picture. If you don’t let things get to you and invest everything in you into your career, then it can’t destroy you when it falls, which it always does. Everything goes away, no band survives forever. I’m just glad to be where we are and I’m glad that we’re having a good time and had the success we have. If it was all over tomorrow, it would still be completely different.

popYOUlarity: Do you have anything you would like to say to the readers of
Amy:We’re Genuine; we’re not trying to sell anything. Like I said before, it’s just about the music and nothing else.

+Debbie Gebert

Photo: Alex McGrory

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