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Hot Chip


Fortune Sound Club – Vancouver, BC

Britain’s dance darlings Hot Chip made another trip west this week and showed why they are a must see party act whether as a full band or, as they were on this night, behind the decks for a dj set. Alexis Taylor, Joe Goddard, Owen Clarke, Felix Martin and Al Doyle have been at the forefront of the edm scene for the last decade. The collective have received Grammy and Mercury Prize nominations and held slots at festivals spanning the globe. Their sixth studio album Why Make Sense was one of the 2015’s top dance records and featured the summer smash Huarache Lights. A sold out Fortune Sound Club crowded the dance floor and for the better part of an hour were treated to a wide ranging blend of booty shaking beats.

A lot of indie bands try their hand at doing dj sets as a sort of fresh departure from playing live shows but unfortunately lots of those departures aren’t the smoothest. Being an accomplished musician does not qualify you to take to the decks and mix records. Djing requires its own skill sets and I have seen firsthand swings and misses when live acts try their hand at spinning. Hot Chip is an example of a band whose members are all accomplished behind the decks. Individually and together (as they were on this night) they do regular stints at clubs worldwide. Lots of times for fans, Seeing a dj set rather than a live show is a letdown . On this occasion, with a holiday energy in the air, each and every hipster inside Fortune held no such disappointment. From the moment Alexis Taylor dropped the 2012 hypnotic Flutes or the funk shuffle groove Over and Over off 2006’s The Warning, people screamed and jumped with ecstasy.

Besides a healthy dose of tracks from their discography, the London collective incorporated many of their covers and remixes into the set. One of the biggest tracks of the past year was the band’s warp drive tribute to Bruce Springsteen and the 1984 hit Dancing In The Dark. The song exemplifies how well the band can hold the essence of the original while embarking on a completely ‘Hot Chip’ sound within the cover. The song marked the highpoint of the night and brought the crowd to a fever pitch.

One interesting side note to the evening’s events was a 4.8 magnitude earthquake that hit about forty minutes into Hot Chip’s set. Not surprisingly, nobody inside Fortune Sound Club noticed. The dance floor had been rumbling long before any seismic activity. Perhaps the night’s events might make for a future Hot Chip marketing slogan?

We are Hot Chip. Our shows have been known to bring on Tectonic Activity.


+ Gavin Reid

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