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Jon & Roy – By My Side


The Vancouver natives, Jon & Ray, are at it again with their newest album By My Side, which will be released on May 27th.
This album marks the fourth album for the band, and the band has garnered a Canadian following since they toured during the making of their third album in 2010.

The band consists of original members Jon Middleton and Roy Vizer, along with multi-instrumentalist Dougal Bain Mclean and bassist Ryan Tonelli.

The album sticks to the folksy sound that the band has become known for in previous albums, and even has a banjo that Jon Middleton brought along when the group wrote the seven tracks during jam sessions at Roy Vizer’s home.

Track after track delivers an almost quiet story between the lyrics and instruments, allowing the listener to nod off while listening to the words and the strum of the banjo along with the acoustic guitar. Even when the beat picks up for Every night, it’s a easy listen and has a calming effect. The title track also has an upbeat tempo, telling the age-old story of a man and the girl he loves.

Compared to the normally loud and verbally abusive lyrics that invade the radios these days, with computers and auto tune replacing talent, Jon & Ray’s new album is a pleasant surprise that reminds listeners of simpler time when it comes to music. The band doesn’t relay heavily on anything other than the band members talents with their instruments and writing skills, keeping it simple and true to the roots of folk music.

Instead, the band takes fans on a quiet journey that reflects the easygoing nature of the genre and where they came from. By My Side is a classic that will age beautifully with time, and should be included in any true folk music fans library.

+ Robynne Henry
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