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Madchild – Lawn Mower Man



Juno Award nominated artist, Madchild, has released his sophomore solo album “Lawn Mower Man”, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. After being successful with the band Swollen Members, Madchild stepped away from the band to become a solo artist. After debuting third on Canadian Billboard Top 200 with his album “Dope Sick”, and he was also nominated at the Juno Awards for “Rap Recording of the Year.”

Parental Advisory: explicit content. The sign on the bottom corner of the album cover for Madchild’s new album seems to be an understatement for anyone who listens to the new songs. I was quite surprised when the first song started to play, and the amounts of swear words that were included in the song.

But, I was surprised by some of the songs. The lyrics weren’t always the ones expected from a rap album, and kept me on my toes. His play on words flows, and his ability to relate words together are impressive. In Lawn Mower Man, he even references the popular book and movie series, The Hunger Games. The music along with the lyrics is interesting, and not something that has been heard before.

Although, the swear words and topics in some of the songs is a little overwhelming, it’s overall a good album. Madchild didn’t hold back in his lyrics, and let the album tell fans who he is. It’s an honest portrayal of him as an artist, and how he views the world.

(I would recommend that anyone listening to this album wear headphones though, as not all people would be accepting of the topics Madchild raps about.)

This is among one of the better rap albums I’ve ever listened to, and Madchild fans won’t be disappointed with his sophomore album and eagerly will await what the rapper does next.

+ Robynne Henry

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