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Marianas Trench


Pacific Coliseum – Vancouver, BC

The Pacific Coliseum was packed Friday night with a crowd filled of many fans waiting to see their favorite band. Marianas Trench played a packed show in their hometown the other night, and there was no shortage of support. Screaming girls loved the interaction the guys had with the audience, and the energy they brought to the stage.

Opening for Marianas Trench was another Vancouver native Anami Vice who didn’t have a hard time warming up the crowd with his clever and witty lyrics. Following were the Toronto natives Down With Webster who didn’t lack any stage presence. They played a set with all their hits, and the crowd loved it.

Finally it was time for Marianas Trench, the moment lots of people had been waiting for. Josh Ramsay’s entrance had him flying over the crowd, after exiting from a Jack-In-The Box and there was no shortage of screams. They played both new and old hits, and had many costume changes, including ripping off their pants to sing a track in their tighty whities. Highlights included Ever After, Cross My Heart, Celebrity Status, Haven’t Had Enough and Desperate Measures.

I’m not a huge Trench fan, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was familiar with their music and knew they had a very dedicated fan base, but had never seen them live. I was on a whole new level of respect when Ramsay got off the stage and actually went into the crowd to see his fans, in the seats. I was shocked. Even though his fans may have only been able to see him for few seconds, it will be a memory they will have forever. And, I love when a band can make memories not only from their music, but from their dedication to their fans that have been with them from the start. There was no shortage of thanks to those fans from the band. You can see how grateful they are, and how happy they were to be playing a show for them.

The show ended much like it started with Ramsay finishing the set by again being hooked up to a high wire rig, and cruising over the crowd as he sung and played his guitar. While it took all of the band, also including Matt Webb (guitar), Ian Casselman (drums), and Mike Ayley (bass), Ramsay definitely carried the show to new heights with his crazy theatrics. And, those theatrics are a real joy to watch.

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