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Matt Webb – Right Direction



Musicians taking steps away from their bands is not uncommon, and Matt Webb has hit the nail on the head with his debute solo EP ‘Right Direction.’

All of the songs are incredibly personal, and quite catchy to listeners. One of the songs, ‘Heartbreaker’, has a bit of a country sound to it that mixes in wonderfully with the pop the album will become known for. The lyrics are simple, but powerful. The love song speaks about the different views a girl and a guy can take on what happens in a relationship, ranging from what each remembers, to needing the other person even if it isn’t the best thing for them.

The title track, ‘Right Direction’, is an honest song about someone leaving and not sure how his or her loved one will react to this news. The honesty of Webb as a writer is present with this song, and it’s a heartbreaking song. He’s able to convey how hard it is for a musician, or someone who travels, to leave his or her loved ones and the fear that they won’t be there when they come back.

Webb’s voice proves to be an incredible one, though it kind of sneaks up on the listener. As he proves with each track: Webb is a musician to be reckoned with.

Not a stranger to recording and the music industry, Webb is a member of the Canadian pop rock band: Mariana’s Trench. The bands has had multiple number one hits, won a JUNO award for Group of the Year, and have toured through Canada, the United States, and Australia.

I’m definitely among the people eagerly hoping for more from Webb as a solo artist, because of his voice, honest lyrics, and the variety of sounds he’s willing to try. Keep it coming, Mr. Webb, you have our attention.

+ Robynne Henry

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