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Ever Wonder How To Succeed In The Music Industry?

You love music, right?

Dumb question – Of course you do!

If you enjoy listening music there will come a time when you think “I wonder how difficult it is to interview my favorite music artists” or “As an artist the music media process intimidates me” Maybe you have already thought about it?

A lot of people get to this stage and start looking up some information on how to do this.

If you are anything like me when I was looking for some info on how to do this from scratch – there is not a lot of info or the options cost way too much!

You shouldn’t have to take a big hit in your bank account to find out how to do what you love.

Whether you aspire to be a journalist,music artist, or just want to learn about how the music media process works, don’t pass up this opportunity to take a large step into the music scene. “How To Interview Like A Rock Star – A Journalist’s Guide To Music Media”, and “Reaching Rock Star Status” are books music industry hopefuls should not be without.

These books are as close as you’ll get to a music industry ‘cheat sheet.’


There has been a huge response already and “How To Interview Like A Rock Star” and “Reaching Rock Star Status” and the books have been shaking up the music media world….

You won’t believe how much talent is hiding inside you! Make your family and friends jealous of your cool music industry job and they will be dying to know how you became so successful!

In “How To Interview Like A Rock Star – A Journalist’s Guide To Music Media” and “Reaching Rock Star Status” Debbie Fettback shows the aspiring journalist and music artist the music industry basics that will help jump-start their careers, as well as other tips to help anyone succeed within the ever-changing and fast-paced music industry.

These First Editions include obtaining interviews, the interview process, sample interview questions and all the numerous other essentials of music media.

Now with over twelve years of experience in the music industry running one of Canada’s most respected online music publications, and has conducted over 500 music artist interviews, Debbie Fettback is willing to share all the ins and outs of getting your foot in the music industry door.

You have no idea how amazing it makes you feel as you sit down and chat with your favorite artists, or be the interviewee — and do it well.

Available in e-book and hardcopy format.

Get started today and become a music artist or journalist that ‘gets it’ in no time!


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