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Operators In Vancouver


Fortune Sound – Vancouver, BC

On Tuesday night a boisterous Fortune Sound Club was treated to a rock and roll, synth pop party courtesy Operators. From start to finish the vibe was in a word; hype. The people had come to see the latest project from multi talented Dan Boechner. Boechner; who has achieved notoriety with Wolf Parade and Handsome Firs is now jumping off with Operators. The trio of Boechner, drummer Sam Brown and female singer/synth master Devojka on stage something untamed. Brown’s punk rock background gives the group percussive attitude while the dual synth work of Boechner and Devojka make for a legit dance party. Add to it all Boechner’s bellowing vocals and thrashing electric guitar and you have a sound that incorporates the best of everything into a singular fresh mix. Shaking a fist or shaking your ass are both a likelihood at an Operators show. There’s no room for standing in place. The sky high energy of the band makes it impossible.

Operators are touring in support of their brand new album; Blue Wave which is out now on Last Gang Records. The album was released April 1 and their set was a showcase of new songs that furthered the evolution of their hard hitting, dance friendly sound. Songs like Cold Light and the title track; Blue Wave are rooted in the haunting quality of Boechner’s low reverberated vocals. Brooding melodic synths, samples of horns and strings and Dan’s electric guitar create tracks that are fuelled by emotion. The songwriting of Boechner cannot be overlooked. His poetic words only enhance the power of the musicianship. The show’s flow from start to finish was clinical. Darting back and forth from dance to dark to destructive, they strapped us in and took us on a steep roller coaster ride. At the stroke of midnight, it all wrapped with an epic slow paced new song called Space Needle before one more climb and fall for the screaming masses with their disco infused hit True.

In a night full of spacious synth pop, pissed off punk rock and electro dance the crowd left Fortune drenched with sweaty satisfaction. Bringing all that diversity to a show is not a routine feat. Most performances have an ebb and flow. Operator’s possess the limitless energy of a tidal wave. I highly recommend checking them out live. It’s a chance to hear super talented musicians and experience an eccentric frontman with unmatched stage presence. Operators are not to be missed.

+ Gavin Reid

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