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Pet Shop Boys – Electric



Electric is the twelfth studio album of Pet Shop Boys and the first released by their own label. It could easily be named as homage on dance and euphoric dance rhythm. Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe combine rhythmic melodies, breaks, synthie sounds with pop sounds to 9 electric and energetic dance songs.

And even when there are elements that are typical for Pet Shop Boys, you can also find some unusual sound effects, tributes and refusals to different songs or themes. Those aspects are already marked in the starter Axis . This one reminds on Kraftwerk and early work of Pet Shop Boys and comes along with a rhythmic and energetic electric beat. On Love is a Bourgeious Construct you can find a theme from Henry Purcell’s King Arthur and the song The Last To Die is a Sting cover with some textual modifications to an anti-war polemic.

The range of the sound is also interesting. In Bolshy Pet Shop Boys meld swirly clap sounds with spoken lyrics, while you can find synthie sounds that imitate orchestral sound alike in Love is a Bourgeois Construct. The vocal alienation is pretty vigorous in Shouting in the Evening which is backed up with buzzing beats. Enhanced are those sound effects in Fluorescent where you get the feeling of a synesthesia of music and arising pictures and Inside a Dream where the application of voice effects create a dreamy, flowing atmosphere.

The last two songs of the LP Thursday and Vocal concluse the danceable form of the album. With a bouncy rhythm, the rap feature with Example and the reference to Love comes quickly, a former hit single, the song Thursday descend into Vocal which secludes Electric with strange beat ups and the upcoming line “I like the singer/ He’s lonely and strange/ Every track has a vocal/ And that makes a change”. Alltogether that LP will not spawn a great musical change but it is a danceable and flowing mixture that shows the silver lining of the two creative minds of Pet Shop Boys.

+ Renate Bogner

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