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The Soft Moon and Left Spine Down In Vancouver


Venue – Vancouver, BC

Venue Nightclub was overtaken Tuesday night by the dark sounds of Luis Vasquez and his band The Soft Moon. The night was captivating from beginning to end. Devout Fans and those unfamiliar were equally impressed. The booking of Vancouver’s Left Spine Down as openers proved a perfect marriage of two dark, distorted and despondent acts. Both bands possess legit power, melancholy and anger. They also feature a pair of captivating front men in LSD’s Kaine Delay and the aforementioned Vasquez. A concert can fall flat based upon the synergy of the performers booked. This was an example of what can happen when complementary artists share the stage. Tuesday night was good for everybody.

Left Spine Down took to the stage first in front of their hometown disciples. Armed with his chain linked mic stand and playing mostly tracks off 2011’s Caution, Delay and company immediately provoked a thrashing frenzy. Their sound, which incorporates elements of punk rock and electronica features Delay’s battle cries, backing melodic synths and ferocious percussion. Highlight tracks from their forty five minute set include the freight-train, fist raising Overdriven and the slow burning Caution.

After the LSD appetizer, the main course was served up in the form of Oakland’s The Soft Moon. Props should be given to Vasquez and company for simply showing up to fulfill their commitment. Less than a week prior to Vancouver, the guys had a large amount of their equipment stolen. Dropping the trip from their plans would certainly have been forgivable. Much respect to them for making arrangements to please their people. The band has set up an online fund to support the remainder of their North American tour in the wake of the loss. If you’d like to help out there is a link on the band’s facebook page below.

The Soft Moon’s set list was filled with emotion. This emotion is born out of forlorn vocals, pulsating bass and a wide array of rhythmic power courtesy digital drums, attacking synths and Vasquez himself furiously and impressively taking out his anger on a set of bongos and a trash can. Vasquez’s haunting vocals are reminiscent of Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan while their dark, driving synths share an aggression similar to that of Ladytron and Nine Inch Nails. Standout songs from their near hour long set include the plodding Try and the dark and destructive Wrong.

The Soft Moon’s latest album Deeper is out now.

+ Gavin Reid

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