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The Sword


Biltmore Cabaret – Vancouver, BC

Heavy music was on the menu thursday night at Biltmore Cabaret. Throngs of black clad long haired west coast metalheads united as one to bear witness to The Sword. Out of the music hot bed that is Austin, Texas The Sword are reminding fans how metal is meant to sounds. Mythical, powerful and profound; the Texas quartet have delivered four albums to date since their incarnation in 2008 and in a short time have made an impact as a classic sounding hard rock act. When you make hard rock records that get compared to Black Sabbath and your vocalist is mentioned in the same breath as Ozzy Osbourne you know you are on the right track.

Touring on the strength of Apocryphon, the band’s fourth studio release, the boys from the lone star state delivered an epic ninety minute set that raised fists in the air, lifted faithful fans to surf across waves of hands and called on denim clad rocker girls to scream for more. Lead vocalist John D. Cronise’s howling vocals against the buzz-saw bass of Bryan Richie gives The Sword a slight melancholy groove while current drummer Santiago Vella’s thunderous percussive motor propels the band to epic heights of audible intensity.

Rocking through hits like The Veil of Isis; with its relaxed and muddy swing or the powerful and proclamatory Cloak of feathers, The Sword ignited the crowded house at the Biltmore and demonstrated a tight knit aggression and controlled chaos that was impressive to say the least. These guys are all highly talented musicians and write music that is not only complex in instrumentation but full of bluesy classic rock n roll groove. This combination isn’t always consistent with artists in the metal genre and combined with the mythical lyrics of Cronise the elements come together to produce a compelling and forceful sound that leaves its mark.

Playing huge festivals this summer like Rockslide and being already slotted in at Download at Donington Park for 2014, the band is gaining worldwide notice. An early break for the boys saw them support legendary Metallica in Europe and from then on they haven’t looked back, winning over an army of followers. The future looks bright for The Sword. A band breathing new life into a classic heavy metal spirit.

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