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The Zolas & The Dudes


The Zolas

Vogue Theatre – Vancouver, BC

The Dudes and The Zolas teamed up for a sold-out night of great music at the Vogue Friday night. It has been a great last year for both bands, as both are riding high on their mounting success of new releases and radio play.

Showcasing their sophomore album, The Zolas had the floor  full of fans young and old, breaking into one big dance party. Their title track from their sophomore CD, Ancient Mars was a fan favorite. Most of their songs are mix-tape appropriate and I believe that’s why they have such a strong fan base. There’s a song for every feeling and emotion. They’re pop songs, with meaning. Other stand-out tracks were Knot In My Heart, You’re Too Cool, Strange Girl and Escape Artist.

The tags “prog-pop” or “post-modern rock” are how The Zolas are mostly described, but no matter how you describe their fun sound, the performance left me in awe of their creative song-writing and fun, loose, yet commanding stage performance. Their pairing of their story-telling lyrics with the guitar and piano make for a full throttle, satisfying delivery. They put on an entertaining set of guitar powered pop music, which had much of the audience singing along.

The Dudes had the crowd laughing, dancing, and pumping their fists, while asking for more throughout the whole set. I loved how hard The Dudes continually worked to keep the fans intrigued in their show; they went beyond just “showing up for the paycheck”. The band dynamic was marvelous; each member was able to hold their own onstage. Their excitement to be there sure was contagious.

The Dudes showcased their collection of good old-fashioned rock, with great accompanying guitar riffs and drum beats. Dan was pitch perfect on vocals, and possessed the energy of a great front man. Their latest effort, “Barbers, Thieves and Bartenders” definitely continues the proud Dudes tradition of bringing the rock party. Fan favorites of the evening were Mr. Someone Else, Good Times and Tear It Up.

For both bands, the vibe of the evening was always that of greatness. Both proved that they can sure bring a party anywhere they go with their catchy melodies and boundless energy.

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+ Amy Ryan
Photo: Amy Ryan

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