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Against Me! – Transgender Dysphoria Blues


5 /5

This month, rockers Against Me! have come out with their sixth album entitled Transgender Dysphoria Blues. This will also be the first album the band has released since lead singer formally known as, Tom Gable, announced the decision of making some changes in his life and becoming, Laura Jane Grace. By the title of the album and its lyrical content, I found that it may possibly be Grace’s way of dealing with her own transgender dysphoria. (Transgender Dysphoria commonly known as Gender Identity Disorder is the formal diagnosis to describe people feeling discontent with one’s gender)

“No more troubled sleep / There’s a brave new world that’s raging inside of me.”~ F*** My Life 666

The song Drinking With the Jocks could be Grace’s way of describing the struggle of being like ‘”One of the guys”. When really the whole time she wanted to be like the girls they were checking out. “All of my life / Wishing I was one of them”

Only some of the songs on the album focus directly on Grace’s transition, but even with other songs that do not directly address it there are still hints of it throughout. Each song still kept the essence of Against Me! that all fans remember and love them for, but with just a tad of a new twist. I think this album was fantastic and I hope that their true fans stay true; Grace still has Gable’s voice and talent. So, don’t let this cloud your judgment of the band, they are still fantastic as always, maybe even more so now that Grace is finally in the skin she’s dreamed of. From a rock sound, to a song that sounds like something Dropkick Murphys would perform (Drinking with Jocks), or an acoustic song like Two Coffins; Against Me! has not lost their touch, nor do I think they ever will. I hope this band continues to succeed like they have and that they can get past the Blues and continue to persevere.

Transgender Dysphoria Blues Track List:

* Transgender Dysphoria Blues

* True Trans Soul Rebel

* Unconditional Love

* Drinking With the Jocks

* Osama Bin Laden as the Crucified Christ

* F***MYLIFE666

* Dead Friend

* Two Coffins

* Paralytic States

* Black Me Out


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