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We Found A Lovebird – Lobby


Vancouver pop rock outfit We Found A Lovebird deliver a full sonic spectrum on their latest record Lobby. The album retains much of the smooth and colourful finish found on 2013’s Let’s Start The War but hints of rusted rock give this release a bit of added muscle. The band’s hallmark sound of the soft touch vocals of Larry Lechner and the melodic guitar work of Kerry MacPherson are again at the forefront but there is significant growth and movement over the course of the ten track LP. The group take their sound off of the freeway and onto the back roads. Picking up some dirt looks good on them and despite the detour; the band don’t lose their sense of direction.

The opening number Mess We Call The West begins with flecks of reverberated guitar mixed in with Lechner’s high register coo. Reminiscent of Montreal psychedelic group The Besnard Lakes, the ambient harmonics nestle into a rock groove that could easily pass for another Montreal outfit; The Sam Roberts Band. Mess We Call The West is a satisfying beginning to an album that lyrically is in continual reflection on a strange world.

It Could Happen features a triumphant march and a conquest full of hope. The determination and optimistic emotion found on this rock anthem are a refreshing departure from the band’s familiar forlorn energy. Lechner proclaims; “We’re gonna win, ya we’re gonna win. We’ll get what we came for.”

Possibly the best example of classic rock on Lobby is Nowhere To Go. Frustrations abound as Lecher tantrums “A lotta shit said about a lotta shit, none of it matters.” The distorted guitar riffs and the raw blues vibe are another discovery for the band. Nowhere To Go proves these guys have the chops to go far beyond the melancholy.

Lobby closes with Spaceship. A tender ballad with a wish for a new beginning and an escape from earthly confusions.

We Found A Lovebird continue to gain notoriety in Vancouver. This record will no doubt see the band fanbase grow. It is a well rounded, focussed and emotion filled release. Lobby looks through the eyes of the individual searching for sensibility in a chaotic and confusing life. We Found A Lovebird just try and hold everything in place. Give it a listen.

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